Monday, May 31, 2010


Where do I begin. This last weekend in Valdosta was truely memorable, the weather was absolutely beautiful, very little humidity most of the time, the food was very good and the gardens were gorgeous. The gardeners really went above and beyond getting their gardens in pristine shape for the tours. Although they were a little behind for peak bloom it was still a wonderful sight to see the daylilies blooming as we were daylily starved when we got down there. This was a wonderful chance to see some of the daylilies we have only read about or seen in pictures. It was amazing to see of the blooms that I grow in a Southern setting, the flowers are so much bigger down there, makes me think I better add a little more fertilizer or something. But, all in all, there wasn't one garden that wasn't beautiful.

The Southern hospitality really came through also. Every one was so kind and so polite, we commented that we have never been called "ma'am so many times. All the people we met were very friendly and helpful. It really is a lovely place to visit.

Now for the big news that came out of the Convention. Karol Emmerich won 4 HM's for "Born to Reign", Fear Not', Forty Days and Forty Nights', and Soul on Fire'. Congratulations to you Karol, we are so very proud of the plants you produce for the north. And we all claim you as our own!
The real surprise of the Award night came when our own Editor of the Pioneer, Kyle Billadeau won 3 newsletter awards. We could not of been happier or more proud of the work she has done on our wonderful Pioneer!! Her award were for Best Article About a Daylily Presonallity "Remembering Fred", Best Use of Pictures and Graphis, and Best Article Demonstrating Aspect of Gardening "Texture in the Garden". We are so tremendously proud of you, Kyle.

I just wanted to get the important stuff out there so you all would know of the Region One winners that came out of the convention. There will be more posted on the others that won awards later.


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