Friday, June 4, 2010

Congratulations - Region One RP vote!

Good evening from zone 5a, Omaha, Nebraska where today I applied a second application of triclopyr on the trandescantia and the second of this year's three lawn treatments. I still need to apply the second Preen treatment for summer-germinating weeds in the paths and flower beds as well as the second SedgeHammer treatment for nutsedge. I'm starting to think nutsedge is easier to control than trandescantia (if someone had suggested that even a few weeks ago, I would have thought that unbelievable).

Congratulations to Karen Schock for winning the AHS 2010 Region One Service Award, to Karol Emmerich for winning four HMs, and to Kyle Billadeau for winning three AHS newsletter awards. All of these awards are well-deserved!

AHS Region One members, please don't forget to send me your ballots for the RP election. The postmark deadline is June 25.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Mary Baker

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