Friday, June 25, 2010

Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

Yep that's right. H. 'Ruby Moon' and 'First Bird' both had their first flower open yesterday. That means the daylily bloom season is really here!

I've had lots of pre-bloom this year, which as I understand it, is when a scape didn't fully develop last season, so it rests over the winter and emerges from the side of the fan, rather than the middle. It seems that pre-bloom takes place about a month before the regular bloom. So as a result of our prolonged spring, I've been enjoying daylily blooms since the last week of May - UNHEARD of in Minnesota.

The lovely yellow daylily pictured above is Ted Petit's 'Heavy Metal.' I got this one last year so these are the first blooms I've seen. Boy, do I love that metallic band in the eyezone. Other daylilies I've been enjoying in this early, early season are Mom's Pink Divinity and Red Zeppelin from Region One's own Bob Wilson, plus Bela Lugosi (Hanson-C), Crystalline Entity (Reed-M), Grape Twizzler (George-T), Earlybird Orangeade (Skinner-M), Count It All Joy and Battle of Jericho from Karol Emmerich, Lava Flow (Smith-F), Crimson Edgings (Stamile), Stencilled Impressions (Stamile), and Sky Over Schuyler (Reed-M).

Now that bloom season has begun - it's time to remind you to get your registration in for the regional meeting in Bismarck/Mandan. You don't really want to pay 25% more by registering late, now do you?

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