Thursday, June 3, 2010

Valdosta Again National Convention

Back from the south with new plants and ideas. Georgia was interesting to visit with beautiful gardens to tour. As part of the business meeting we found Region One standing up with the rest of the winners. I am so proud to be part of Region One along with our convention winners. All the award winners names begin with "K" Karol, Karen and Kyle. Congratulations to our Region One winners. We met many of our "old" daylily friends and made new friends. Our National President is a wonderful lady from Boston. I loved hearing of her background and many of the new challenges she faces with this office. She conducted her first national convention with ease and grace. We now look forward to our Region One meeting in North Dakota and then on to next year's national. The gardens were lovely with many daylilies and of course companion plants. The weather actually cooperated and was fairly decent with less humidity than I expected. I now have the babies I bought planted in their new northern home. We will see how they perform here in South Dakota.

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