Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Region One RP vote reminder-this 'n that

Greetings from zone 5a, Omaha, Nebraska, where I managed the third SedgeHammer treatment for nutsedge before the June 21 summer solstice deadline and also applied the third RoundUp/Triclopyr treatment for wild trandescantia (spiderwort). My neighbors watered their lawn, spilling into my yard about one hour after the second SedgeHammer treatment, which in that area negated the effects. This time it had adequate time to dry off (minimal is three hours, optimal is four hours) and I'm hoping for great success. I discovered newly sprouted nutsedge, so the third treatment was warranted anyway. Much of the previously treated nutsedge has died - hurray! Based on the encouraging results, I think nutsedge is easier to control than trandescantia, which I've attempted to chemically control during the past couple of years (this is the first year I've done anything other than pull/dig the nutsedge).

Region One members - please send me your ballots for the RP election. The postmark deadline is Friday, June 25, which is just a few days away. Your vote counts!

I am enjoying many daylily blooms. Among them are the gorgeous VELVET RIBBONS and BALI WATERCOLOR, two fabulous red tet seedling guest plants from David Kirchhoff in addition to David's outstanding COYOTE MOON, and tet seedling 30102 from Karol Emmerich in addition to Karol's NO MORE TEARS. Kathy Lamb's outstanding well-branched diamond-dusted MINNESOTA SUNSHINE was FFO yesterday and is showing off multiple blooms today, and gary Schaben's elegant METABELLE BETH is FFO today. What fun!

I'm also evaluating the last of my selected seedlings - had to stop hybridizing in 2006 due to space limitations. It's fun to see how beautiful some of them are. Nonetheless, I am ruthlessly eliminating many of them as to be keepers they must have good branching and high bud count.

Mary Baker

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